Samsung Mobile Price in India 2018

This list of Samsung mobile price in India includes best price of 140 models of Samsung.
The Samsung phone prices have been collected from 15 online stores in India and only the best price is shown here. We have included the picture of the models to help you quickly decide on the best phone to buy. The list also includes latest mobiles of samsung with specifications and was last updated on 2018 23rd April. All prices are in Indian Rupees. Some popular deals among the best Samsung Mobile Phones are :
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Samsung Mobiles: Features & FAQs

Connectivity Features:

4G and VoLTE is a must have connectivity feature on mobile phones, and it is the principal feature which users observe before buying a handset. Samsung brought 4G and VoLTE feature at a price around Rs 4,500 with Samsung Z2 phone. With all other basic connectivity features like 3G, 2G, WIFI and Bluetooth packed in, Samsung is a big bet in all price ranges. Catching the future of digital payments, Samsung has integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) in its mid to high-end smartphones wherein users can pay bills new features like Samsung Pay and Android Pay. With the all new USB Type C, Samsung has made the data transfer much speedier and charging much faster. The USB Type-C is present in mid to high specced phones of Samsung.


An important hardware asset in the phone, RAM has much to do to make your computing faster. As a temporary storage of memory, RAM is as essential as do the CPU for the processing. These days, as the usage of apps is getting increased, a minimum of 1GB of RAM capacity is required for the apps to run hassle free. Samsung phones come with at least 1GB RAM capacity and offer phones with 4GB RAM as in Galaxy S8. So, Catch up the speed and say goodbye to lagging with the Samsung phones.


As the processor is considered as the brain of your phone, it is of extreme importance to choose a phone with a right clock speed that suits your requirement. If you have a tight budget in your hand and you don't have a heavy usage of apps and processes, it's better you go with a quad core processor that is the least number of cores available with Samsung in its smartphone basket. If you are a multi-tasker, it is advisable to choose an octa core processor equipped phone. Whatever might be your requirement, Samsung has a bucket of phones to suit you. You have an in-house made processor, Exynos that is made to match up with Snapdragon's 28nm and 10 nm process technology. The latest Exynos 9 processor used in Galaxy S8 is equivalent to SD 835 in a number of cores and the process technology made.


With the size of the smartphones getting bigger and bigger, there is a huge focus on display technology by the smartphone makers. Samsung, in spite of having the in-house display manufacturing company of OLED and LCD displays, the smartphones from Samsung feature latest displays available in the market. From Full HD to QHD Super AMOLED, you have the mobiles that cater your every budget. Samsung phones also feature 2.5D HD display with a curved screen at the edges like the Galaxy S8. With the Super AMOLED coming to place on the phones, the power consumption is drastically reduced giving longer battery life.


Samsung's in-house company, Samsung SDI manufactures Batteries for its smartphones. The batteries are packed after the robust quality process to keep the check on any firing. With the displays of the smartphones are increasing, bigger capacity batteries are quintessential to support the needs. Samsung with its optimized operating system, complemented with good battery capacity make smartphone users forget power banks. With the innovative materials used in the battery, Samsung phones are far away from heating issues. You have a range of smartphones to choose from 2,000mAh to 4,000mAh battery capacity.


Now, you need not carry a separate camera if you have today's smartphone with you. This is because Smartphone makers are equally concentrating on bettering the camera front. All Samsung phones come with a pro-selfie camera and a good top class rear camera with autofocus and LED flash. In the high-end Samsung phones, you have various features like 4k and 60fps recording.

Samsung Mobiles FAQs

How do I connect a Samsung smartphone to my TV through Screen mirroring?

Using the screen mirror, you can share your Galaxy phone screen with your Samsung smart or HD TV using the feature called AllShare Cast Wireless Hub. With this feature, you can beam your device to view the images, videos present in your phone on a TV screen. All the latest Samsung Galaxy phones having Android 5.0 or above OS installed in it support the screen mirroring. The detailed guide on how to use the feature can be found on the Samsung website.

What is Page Buddy and how to use it on my Samsung smartphone?

Page Buddy is a feature in Samsung phones that creates context related dedicated home screens. The feature through a pop-up asks the user which task they would be interested when an accessory is connected to the device. This is a kind of personalising the home screen for different requirements.

What is Bixby and Will it be available for all Samsung smartphones?

The voice assistant, Bixby is a revolutionary feature that is different from other voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant or Cortana. The unique features in Bixby are that you can ask Bixby whatever you want through voice, text or touch and it understands everything.

What is Samsung Pay and what are the features of the Samsung Pay?

With Samsung Pay, you can make payments through NFC of your phone without the need of physical debit or credit cards. It offers quick, secure way to make payments in three simple steps - Swipe up, Authenticate, Pay. Also, the all the transactions are protected by Digital tokenization and Samsung Knox.

Do my Samsung Phone support Samsung Pay?

The Samsung Galaxy phones which have NFC feature support Samsung Pay. Currently NFC feature is available in Note 5, S7, S7 edge, S6 edge+, A7 (2017), A5 (2017), A7 (2016), A5 (2016), A9 Pro.

How to enable Smart Dual SIM feature on my Samsung phone?

Samsung has introduced Smart Dual SIM feature and phones with this function will have the following features - you have the option of making one of the SIM cards as primary, and when you are using SIM2 as the internet modem, you can make calls through SIM1. This feature is available on all Samsung phones.

How to upgrade my Samsung phone to the latest Android?

When you buy a Samsung mobile, you will receive Over The Air (OTA) updates which you need to accept and install the update. If you wish to check it manually, you can go to Settings > About Phones > System Updates. Samsung works best to fix any bugs and does system upgrades frequently.

What is My Galaxy app and what are the services offered on the app?

Samsung has brought its users a convenient way to get entertained, buy services all at one place. On the top, you can find best deals and offers that bring you more excitement.

What are the best Samsung phones that are available under Rs 10,000 with 4G VoLTE feature?

All the latest Samsung phones support VoLTE. Find below the list of Samsung phones priced below Rs 10,000 that support VoLTE.

A9 Pro, Samsung Z2, On5 Pro, J3, On7, J2, J2 Ace, On5, J5, J1, Z4 are the Samsung phones with VoLTE support in India.

What are the best Samsung Phones with Exynos processor and how is the performance of Exynos?

Samsung is deploying its in-house processor, Exynos in a range of its smartphones. Exynos is comparable to Qualcomm Snapdragon processor in speed and performance and built on the same ARM Cortex process. The phones which sport Exynos processor are Galaxy S8, J7 Prime, On Nxt, On 8, S7 Edge, On 5 Pro, A7 (2017), J7 (2017), A5 (2017), J7 (2016), S7, J7, S8 Plus.

How is the battery life on Samsung feature phones?

Samsung feature phones are known to offer great battery life. With a decent battery capacity on the feature phones, you can keep away your charger for 2-3 days of moderate use. For a basic user who seeks for big battery life, Samsung feature phone are the reliable choice.

What are the music dedicated Samsung feature phones?

Samsung launched a range of feature phones that has music dedicated play, pause buttons, expandable storage and powerful loudspeakers. The latest music dedicated feature phones include Samsung Guru Music 2, Samsung Guru FM Plus.

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Samsung Mobile Price in India 2018

Latest Samsung Mobile Models Price
Samsung Galaxy S9 Rs. 57900
Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo Rs. 16990
Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Rs. 14890
Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro Rs. 6990
Samsung Galaxy On Nxt 64GB Rs. 11900
Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime 4GB RAM Rs. 12990
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Rs. 64900
Samsung Galaxy J7 Rs. 10990
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Rs. 18199
Samsung Galaxy J2 (2017) Rs. 6500