Lyf Mobile Price List 2018

LYF is an Indian mobile handset company which is a subsidiary of Reliance Retail.
According to research conducted in May 2016, LYF has become the fifth largest smartphone supplier in India. LYF mobile phones are exceptionally affordable for the features they offer. If you are looking to buy a mobile phone which has the best features in its price range, you should check out the price list below which will show you all the available latest LYF Mobiles models in India. Top-end LYF smartphones such as the LYF Earth 1 are equipped with a 13-megapixel camera and a RAM of 3GB which will be more than sufficient for your everyday needs. We can vouch for the fact that the prices indicated below the listed products are the lowest you will find across online and offline platforms in India.
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LYF Phones: Features and FAQs

Connectivity Features:

When it comes to connectivity and network features, no other brand can beat LYF in supporting all the network bands at an affordable price. LYF phones are available even under a price Rs 5,000 which support 4G VoLTE, 3G and 2G bands. In the near future, LYF is expected to launch the VoLTE feature phones at prices Rs 999 and Rs 1500. On the top, the phones come with Reliance Jio backing which offers seamless connectivity to all its in-house apps.


While many new apps are being poured in the play store, some apps are irresistible to keep away. Then, you need a smartphone to support using the apps without any discomfort. RAM is an important asset of a phone that is necessary to have a hassle-free browsing and multitasking of apps. As per current software technology available, it is quintessential to have a minimum 1GB RAM loaded on your phone. But, if you are a vivid user, it is recommended to have a phone with 3GB RAM. So, whatever might be the requirement, you can get a LYF phone at an unmatchable price that no other smartphone brand can even offer.


LYF has not compromised on processor front as it offers top in the class processor in its smartphones. The low-end phones like Flame 7 sports Spreadtrum processor made by Chinese semiconductor company. Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, known for reliable performance and best processing speed is equipped in the majority of phones besides Mediatek processor. Choose the phone based on your usage type. For a low to moderate usage, you can go for the phones with quad core processor. For multi-tasking and high-end gaming, choose a phone with octa core processor. An octa core processor coupled with 3G RAM offers ultimate performance that will be like never before.


LYF mobiles feature latest display technology that ranges from LCD to AMOLED that offers WVGA to Full HD display resolution. The AMOLED display present in Earth series of phones is known to offer best image quality and consumes less power. The highest pixel density found in these phones gives sharp images with the greatest resolution. About screen size, the low-end LYF phones feature 4'' screen, while the highest screen size available in LYF is 6''.


The battery has been the major part of a smartphone, both regarding space occupancy and in user buying preference. Means that the user keeps battery capacity at the highest priority when purchasing. LYF handsets come with a decent battery capacity that gives longer battery life. You have the option to choose a LYF phone from 1,500mAh to 4,000mAh battery capacity. This gives users a wider choice range before buying.


The camera is another feature that smartphone buyers are more focusing at. A pro-selfie camera with a front flash is available from LYF brand to capture great moments in your life. LYF brand also caters a dual rear camera that can offer pictures more vivid and detailed. As per your budget, choose a LYF phone with best camera under Rs. 5000. Make video calls hassle-free with the great front camera offered by the handset. Choose from 8MP to 16MP camera options available in LYF phones and all are at an affordable price tag.

LYF Mobiles FAQs

How is the camera quality of LYF phones?

There is no Smartphone maker these days who compromises on the camera front and LYF brand is no exception. LYF phones are in particular made to offer a great camera quality - both selfie and rear. Be it any price, LYF phones have the best camera for the price. Even you can find LYF phones with front flash that helps you take exceptional selfie photographs.

What are the cheapest LYF phones available to buy?

As of now, LYF caters mobiles from the price starting at Rs 3,500. It is reported in many reputed websites that LYF will be launching cheapest 4G, VoLTE handset at prices Rs 999 and Rs 1,500. For any price, LYF phones come packed with all the required features a smartphone should have.

Do all LYF phones support VoLTE?

As Reliance Jio backs LYF phones, all the LYF phones support VoLTE calling. Buy any LYF mobile with closed eyes for VoLTE feature.

Which company manufactures phones for LYF?

Though Reliance brands LYF mobile, the manufacturing comes from different companies. The ODMs like ZTE, CK Telecom, Wingtech, and Tinno Mobile. Reliance is also reported to partner with Foxconn for manufacturing LYF phones in India.

What are the LYF phones with Octa core processor?

Alongside the budget smartphones, LYF has equally focused on high specced phones that have Octa core processor. As of 2016 Q4, LYF has F1S, Water 7S, Water 10, Water 7, Earth 1, Earth 2, Water 3, Water 8, and Water 2.

What are the LYF phones with 3GB RAM?

The octa core processor coupled with 3GB RAM is a hit pair in smartphones. LYF has exactly done this combination in its phones like Earth 1, Earth 2, F1S, F1, Water 7S, Water 10, Earth 2, Earth 1, Water 11.

How is the battery backup in LYF phones?

All LYF phones sport a decent battery capacity given its specifications and price. With LYF phones, you need not worry about battery life as they offer a decent battery life which makes your life easier.

Which LYF do smartphones come with a Fingerprint scanner?

As the security of the smartphone is kept at highest priority by users and manufacturers, the phones are now secured with a fingerprint scanner which adds an extra layer of security along with the pattern and passcodes. LYF phones nowhere compromised the security as it has integrated the fingerprint scanner even for its budget phones. The LYF phones with fingerprint scanner ar Water 7S, Earth 2, Water 7, Water 9 and Earth 1.

Do the LYF phones come with Jio SIM included?

With Reliance Jio backing, all the LYF phones come with a free Jio SIM which you can collect from the JIo retailer or Reliance Digital outlet by submitting valid ID proofs.

What is the warranty period of LYF phones?

By default, all LYF phones come with one year of manufacturer warranty. In addition to that, you can claim for an extended warranty for one more year by registering on LYF care app on your phone. The extended warranty fulfill all the terms laid for the first year.

Do LYF phones support VR headset?

LYF phones that have integrated Gyro sensor support virtual reality viewing via VR headset. Make sure to check if the phone has Gyro sensor before purchasing. To check if your phone supports Virtual reality, Open Youtube app > search for 360-degree video > open the video > now move the phone randomly > check if the video is also moving in the same way. If it happens, you can make sure that your phone has Gyro sensor and supports VR headset.

Can we use other network SIM card along with Jio on an LYF phone?

As all LYF phones support all network bands of 2G, 3G, and 4G, you can use SIM card from any network and ue the services seamlessly.

Lyf Mobile Price List 2018

Latest Lyf Mobile Models Price
LYF C459 Rs. 3670
LYF Water 11 Rs. 6549
LYF C451 Rs. 3810
LYF Flame 8 Rs. 4190
LYF Water 10 Rs. 6199
LYF Water 7S Rs. 6310
LYF Earth 1 Rs. 13899
LYF F8 Rs. 5099
LYF Earth 2 Rs. 7499
LYF F1S Rs. 8599