Lava Mobile Price List 2018

Lava is an Indian phone manufacturing company. Below is the Lava Mobile price list with the lowest prices available in India. Prices have been sourced from different online and offline stores and the best prices have been displayed. Product images, detailed user reviews and model specifications have been provided to help you find the right Lava phone. You might be interested in the below mobile phones:
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Lava Mobiles: Features and FAQs

Connectivity Features:

The Indian Multinational company, Lava International has been known to the Indian users since 2009. The brand initially worked on the budget friendly feature phones which later on shifted the focus to smartphones based on user choice. The advent of Android changed the face of Lava which then launched many smartphones that do not burn a hole in your pocket. The smartphones from Lava offer support 4G, 3G and 2G network bands in India. The phones also support VoLTE service provided by Reliance Jio which allows users to make unlimited free voice calling to anywhere in India. Besides the regular connectivity options, you have the WIFI, hotspot and Bluetooth functions which let you stay connected to your favorite gadgets. Recently, Lava also launched the India's first VoLTE feature phone at the price tag of Rs 3,333 and the phone supports 4G and 2G beside the VoLTE voice calling on Reliance Jio network.


The budget-friendly smartphone brand, Lava mobiles offer a decent capacity RAM that is good for the price. At the lowest price, you have phones with 512MB RAM, and at the highest price, you have phones with up to 4GB of RAM that offers blazing speed and performance. A very basic user can go for a phone with 512MB RAM which is sufficient for the basic usage. Whereas an excessive user has the option to choose 4GB RAM that exactly suits his requirement and can draw the performance he desires.


A RAM should be coupled with an equally capable processor to give the speed and performance that is desired. The days where your phone is heavily loaded with apps, it is quintessential to have a quad core processor at least. Lava offers exactly the same specifications even in its low-end smartphones which are cost effective. Even in the budget range, Lava has a vast portfolio of octa core processor equipped phones. The phones also come paired with Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) that allows the user to play the eye candy graphic games with ease and comfort.


In the world, there is no smartphone brand who doesn't concentrate on the camera front, and Lava is no exception in it. There are likes of pro-selfie smartphones that offer exciting features and functions that make your images look even more beautiful. You have the front flash that allows capturing the selfies even in the low light conditions. The powerful lens coupled with f/2.0 aperture and higher megapixel make and preserve your memories much beautiful. In the flagship mobiles, Lava has not compromised in making a powerful camera. The latest Z25 features a Sony camera lens paired with dual LED flash that offers finest pictures anywhere and anytime. And do remember all these features are packed inside a smartphone which comes at the lowest price than its competitors.


If you are looking for a smartphone which offers longer battery life at a price that doesn't make a hole in your pocket, you have reached the destination. The most affordable smartphone maker, Lava has in its basket a range of smartphones which are so battery friendly that can let you stay powered for more time than its competitors. It has become the toughest job for the smartphone makers to develop a smartphone that offers higher battery life without compromising the lowest price. Lava is one of the very few brands that has taken care of the battery front even in its low-priced phones. You have the option to choose from a minimum of 2,000mAh to 4,000mAh.


With the increase in user preference towards the big screen phones, it has become a necessity for smartphone makers to concentrate on integrating a bright and finest display. The smartphones have been the source of entertainment for the users and have a Full HD display is essential to view HD videos and play high graphic games. A Full HD resolution backed by a IPS LCD is an exact match to get the top class display quality.

Lava Mobiles FAQs:

Do Lava mobiles have heating issues?

For the heat issues, the culprit cannot be the smartphone or brand itself. The heating of a smartphone is as a result of overtime usage, using the phone while charging and using the phone beyond the capacity of the processor. Always make sure your usage requirements and choose the smartphone with the processor that can handle your processes easily. Otherwise, Lava phones do not have any heating issues.

What is the SAR value of Lava phones?

SAR is the acronym for Specific Absorption Rate, the value that signifies the amount of radiation absorbed per unit KG of your body. For this, DoT has set certain guidelines for smartphone makers, and it makes sure that the smartphones emit radiation less than 1.6W/Kg. Hence Lava also abides by the limit fixed by the DoT.

Are Lava and Xolo the same?

Xolo is the subsidiary of Lava International that has made its first appearance in 2012. The brand serves users only through online mode.

Do the Lava mobile support Reliance Jio VoLTE?

All the latest 4G mobiles of Lava support VoLTE of Reliance Jio. Hence users can seamlessly enjoy the unlimited voice calling on Reliance Jio network to call to their friends and family.

What are the best Lava phones under Rs 5000?

Lava is well known for the phones that are affordably priced. Lava has a plethora of options to choose in various specs range. You have the A50, priced at Rs 3,999 and A68 which is priced at Rs 4,599. Some of the handpicked phones in this category are A51, A56, A59, A55, and A67.

How is the built quality and durability of Lava phones?

The flagship phones of Lava comes with a metal body that looks premium, and the other phones feature a plastic body that is durable and best in design.

How is the battery life of Lava phones?

Lava mobiles offer a decent battery life for the price it tags. You have batteries in the range of 2,000mAh to 4,000mAh in the Lava which are quite sufficient to power up your mobile for more time.

How is the after sale service of Lava mobiles?

Lava has service centers placed in each district of each and every state in the country which is good enough to serve the rural users as well. Also, Lava answers users queries through the helpline available all the days.

What are the latest Lava feature phones available below Rs 1000?

Beside the smartphones, Lava also has many feature phones in its basket. Many of them are available under Rs 1,000. Some of the hand picked and popular mobiles in this price category are Lava Captain N1, Lava Arc Magic, Arc Magic Plus, Arc Lite and Arc 105.

Do Lava phones come with Gorilla glass protection?

These are the Lava phones that come with Gorilla Glass protection for the display: Lava X3, Iris X10, X41 Plus, X19, A72, A81, Iris Pro 20. You may also be interested in

Lava Mobile Price List 2018

Latest Lava Mobile Models Price
Lava Z61 Rs. 5750
Lava Z91 Rs. 9966
Lava Z10 (3GB RAM) Rs. 6499
Lava Z60 Rs. 4950
Lava A52 Rs. 2499
Lava Z50 Rs. 4399
Lava A97 2GB RAM Rs. 4892
Lava Captain N1 Rs. 799
Lava Z25 Rs. 9999
Lava One Rs. 1298