Karbonn Mobile Price List 2018

Karbonn is a successful Indian phone manufacturing company. The lowest prices of 108 Karbonn mobiles available in India have been listed in the mobile price list here.
These are obtained from different online and offline sources and were last revised on 2018 23rd April . Make informed decisions with the help of detail product descriptions, user reviews and model images. Some of the popular Karbonn mobiles are:
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Karbonn Mobiles: Features and FAQs

Connectivity features:

The native Indian company, Karbonn Mobiles is known to many for quite some time now. Initially, the company produced feature phones that were popular in the low price category. With the same strategy, Karbonn has come to the budget smartphone segment and have been successfully gained the popularity. The brand has a bucket of smartphones under Rs 5,000 price category making it more convenient for the first time buyers and basic Android users. At an affordable price, Karbonn offers phones with 4G VoLTE, 3G, and 2G along with Bluetooth and WIFI keeping the phone well packed with the latest connectivity features.


Keeping in view the price point, Karbonn packed its smartphones with at least 512MB RAM capacity that is quite sufficient for the regular usage. For the extensive users, Karbonn offers smartphones with 2GB RAM at a reasonable price tag. Hence, it is your choice to choose the smartphone that comes with RAM in different capacity ranges.


A processor can be considered as the engine of the car. Such an important asset is required for the smartphone to execute the processes the user sends. The speed of the execution, in turn, depends on the clock speed and number of cores present in the processor. Hence it is known that more the number of cores and higher the clock speed, more is the speed of the execution of processes. Karbonn has integrated a dual core processor in the least side and an octa core processor in the highest side thus all the capacities are available for the users to make a selection. A choice can be done depending on the usage by the user.


Battery has been the top most priority these days that the smartphone makers has kept. Based on the present day's usage, a smartphone should offer a minimum of 1-day battery life, and that is what many users also think. Karbonn phones offer relatively higher battery to offer more battery life to its smartphones. You have phones with the battery backup up to 3,500mAh which can easily sustain your phone for two days without a charge.


Keeping in mind the affordability, Karbonn has integrated its smartphones with a good camera in the rear and front sides. The most important selfie camera sports up to 8MP which capture beautiful photographs. The rear camera features up to the 16MP lens that can record full HD videos in great resolution.


Karbonn phones feature an LCD display with QVGA to Full HD resolution depending on the price. The LCD Full HD display is the most popular display used by many smartphone makers that offer finest image clarity and resolution.The phones feature in 3.5-inch size to 6-inch giving users more freedom to choose depending on their budget and usage.

Karbonn Mobiles FAQs

How is the built quality and form factor of Karbonn mobiles?

The Karbonn mobiles are built on the plastic body that is durable and also popular. Some of its phones also feature a Corning Gorilla Glass on its display making the phone scratch resistant and break proof.

What are the latest Karbonn feature phones available below Rs 1,000?

That said, Karbonn is popular in the feature phone segment, there are plethora of phones under the Rs 1,000 price category. The hand picked and popular phones priced below Rs 1,000 are Karbonn K40, K105S, K2 Boom Box, K45 Plus and K5 Jumbo.

Do Karbonn mobiles emit high radiation? What is the SAR value of Karbonn mobiles?

Regarding the mobile radiation, Department of Telecom (DoT) has set a threshold value that the phone makers should abide. Hence all the mobiles including the Karbonn phones emit SAR value less than 1.6W/kg.

Do Karbonn phones have a latest Android operating system?

The smartphones released by Karbonn operate on the latest Android operating system. However, upgrading to the latest OS later through an update is hardly possible due to hindrances in the hardware and remember the phones are available at an affordable price and you cannot expect more of that.

What about the Reliance Jio VoLTE support of Karbonn mobiles?

All the latest 4G Karbonn mobiles support VoLTE of Reliance Jio and hence the users can enjoy the seamless and free unlimited calling on Reliance Jio network to call to their friends and family across India.

How is the camera quality of Karbonn mobiles?

Given the price, Karbonn offers best camera mobiles under Rs. 5000. You have up to 16MP camera lens on the rear side and up to 8MP camera lens on the front side.

How is the after sales service of Karbonn phones?

Karbonn not only offers great smartphones at an affordable price but also has an after sale support that is exceptional. The service centers are placed in all the district quarters in each state so that the feasibility is guaranteed to the customers in reaching out to solve the issue.

What about the availability of accessories like cases, covers?

You can find the cases and covers of the Karbonn mobiles both offline and online at an affordable price. Hence, beautify and guard your phone with the latest cases and covers available.

Do Karbonn phones support OTG and VR headset?

Few models of Karbonn mobiles support OTG and VR headset for virtual reality viewing like the Karbonn Quattro L55 and L52. Before you purchase a phone make sure that the phone support Gyro Sensor which is essential for virtual reality viewing via VR headset.

Are Karbonn mobiles value for money?

Karbonn mobiles are undoubtedly the value for money phones. Around 95% of the smartphones are priced below Rs 7000 with great specifications. This tells how affordable they are for the price you buy.

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Karbonn Mobile Price List 2018

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Karbonn Titanium Jumbo Rs. 4805
Karbonn Titanium Jumbo 2 4G Rs. 5849
Karbonn Titanium Frames S7 Rs. 6999
Karbonn Aura Note 4G Rs. 5140
Karbonn Aura 1 Rs. 5381
Karbonn A1 Indian 4G Rs. 2898
Karbonn Aura Note Play Rs. 5999
Karbonn K-Flip Rs. 1099
Karbonn K451 Power Rs. 1119