Intex Mobile Price List 2018

Intex is an Indian phone manufacturing company that began making computer peripherals before making mobile phones.
It holds the distinction of making India's first mobile with the Firefox OS. Intex mobile phones are listed here in the latest prices sourced from 15 different online stores. Find an Intex phone online that suits your needs and fits your budget with phone specifications, reviews and model images. Intex mobile Price list is updated every day and the best prices have been listed. You might like these trending mobiles:
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Intex phones: Features & FAQs

Connectivity Features:

Intex, the popular Indian brand known for its range of budget electronic devices has been catering smartphones and feature phones since many years. Intex mobile phones can be flattered for the connectivity features they offer at an unbeatable price. Its smartphones support 4G, 3G and 2G network bands in the price range starting at as low as Rs.3,500. The phones also support the India's popular Reliance Jio VoLTE feature. So, make use the most of the unlimited voice calling on 4G network offered by Reliance Jio. The next important network features are the WIFI, Bluetooth and OTG features which Intext always support. The feature phones from Intex support 2G network.


The first big thing the user look in the smartphone is the RAM. For an incredible multitasking, RAM is much needed as do the processor. These days for even a modest user, a minimum of 2GB is required to have a smooth experience while browsing through the phone although a 1GB of RAM is sufficient for a basic user. Hence, it is wise that you choose the smartphone with best RAM capacity that suits your usage value. As the latest Intex smartphones come with at least 1GB of RAM to 3GB of RAM, you have a better choice range available with Intex. With the 3GB RAM, you can hassle-free browse and multitask any app of your choice.


The second big thing is the processor which a user look in the smartphone after the RAM. Pair up the powerful processor with equally powerful RAM and retrieve the performance you wish from your smartphone. You have the likes of octa core processor, quad core processor to available in various clock speed available from Intex. For the exciting gaming performance, you can go for an octa core processor with equally good GPU available in Intex.


A great specced phone should pair with a decent battery capacity to ensure that you will never lose your entertainment. With Intex, you can roam carefree as you have bigger Battery and the optimized operating system does not drain your battery much. Intex is one of the few smartphone brands that offer significant battery capacity at the price it offers. The Intex feature phones also come by a large battery that can power up your phone more number of days.


The days have come where you have got smartphones with a pro-selfie camera. And Intex has taken a step further to introduce smartphones with a selfie flash. Now, it is more exciting to capture great moments of your life in brighter and impressive way with Intex smartphone camera that comes at a very affordable price. Intex smartphone's rear and front camera are equally compelling and you can capture dazzling images and videos in a professional way.


Intex uses the popular IPS HD LCD display in its phones which all other popular brands use for their smartphones. The display size of Intex smartphones starts at 4.4-inches, and you have up to 5.5-inch sizes available with Intex. With the sharp and brighter display, Intex offers smartphones at an affordable price compared to its peers.

Intex Mobiles FAQs

How is the battery life of Intex phones?

Intex integrates batteries in its phones that are of great value for the price. You can get the comparable battery life that the smartphone of other competitor brand gets at that price. With Intex, you need not worry about the battery life as it is more than sufficient for the specifications the phone has.

How is the built quality and form factor of Intex phones?

Intex, like many other smartphones, builds its phones on the plastic polycarbonate body which does not put weight on the phones. They are equally durable and resistant to scratches.

Do Intex phones emit higher radiation?

Intex phones abide by threshold SAR value set by the Department of Telecom (DoT) which was set in 2013 and also come with RoHS compliance. The permissible SAR value in India is 1.6 W/kg. This holds true for phones manufactured or imported in India. So, Intex phones emit radiation less than 1.6 W/kg.

What are the Intex phones that support Reliance Jio VoLTE?

Like the 4G, VoLTE penetration has paced up with the entry of Reliance Jio, Intex very early focused on bringing smartphones with 4G, VoLTE support. All the latest Intex smartphones available has VoLTE functionality which can be used with Reliance Jio SIM for seamless free unlimited calling.

How is the resolution and display of Intex mobiles?

The Intex phones come with the popular IPS HD LCD display which offers crystal clear and brighter images with excellent resolution.

What are the latest Intex phones with a good selfie camera?

Intex phones with a pro-selfie camera that can capture amazing photographs. Intex Elyt- e1 comes with 8MP front or selfie camera with a selfie flash. You have the Intex Aqua Crystal, Aqua Young, Aqua Style 4G, Aqua S7 and Aqua Supreme with a 5MP front camera.

How is after sales service of Intex mobiles?

You have My Intex Android app for the smart assistance, helpline numbers to solve your issue on the phone, dedicated service centers located in important cities in each state. You can choose either way to initiate a service request according to your convenience.

Does Intex offer latest OS updates to the phone?

As Intex utilizes the power of Android on its phones, as and when the Android releases the security or upgrade updates, Intex releases them OTA and you can download and install them over WIFI or data.

Are there any lagging issues with the OS of the Intex phone?

As said, Intex offers high specifications for the price the phone is offered; it is wise to choose a smartphone according to your requirement. If you are a high-end user and you have opted for a phone with basic specs, you will experience lagging issue while browsing. It is hence advisable to choose a smartphone with the specs that matches your needs.

Do Intex smartphones support VR headset?

Intex has released smartphones that support VR viewing via VR headset. Intex Aqua View, Intex Aqua 4G are the phones that support VR headset.

Are Intex phones value for money?

Intex has 90% of its smartphones priced below Rs 8,000. This tells us how value they offer for your money. For people who have a tight budget, Intex is the right choice to go for.

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Intex Mobile Price List 2018

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Intex Aqua Note 5.5 Rs. 4899
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