Gionee Mobile Price List 2018

Gionee is a Chinese phone manufacturer that was credited with making the world's slimmest phone.
You can find the lowest prices for Gionee mobiles available in India with the help of the below price list. Mobile prices are sourced from different online and offline stores and the best ones have been listed here. These were last updated on 2018 23rd April and are shown with model images to help you make the right choice. Click on the product to view detail model descriptions and user reviews. Check out other mobiles that you might like:
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Gionee Mobiles: Features & FAQs

Connectivity features:

To catch up the rapidly evolving network, you need to choose a right smartphone that is future ready. The blazing speed 4G offers are now luring the users to buy a 4G smartphone that is also VoLTE compatible. Gionee, the Chinese player, has come with a plethora of smartphone models that support 4G, 3G and 2G network bands. Besides these, you have other connectivity features like WIFI, Bluetooth 4.0 and OTG that could make your life easy. For the next generation payment technology, Gionee also sport NFC (Near Field Communication) using which you can make payments through Android Pay.


As you have an overarching range of apps available in Google Play Store, you may find few interesting apps to install and retain in your phone. For this, you need a considerable amount of RAM to access them without lagging issues. Gionee does not let you stand behind as it offers more RAM that can run more apps, do multitasking. A modest and tight budget person can go with the 1GB RAM phones that are priced around Rs 5000, and a multi-tasker have options to buy phones with a 2GB RAM to 4GB RAM.


For a smartphone, the processor is considered as a valuable asset as it determines the speed of operating speed. A higher RAM, when coupled with high processing speed, is never stoppable. From Gionee, you have plenty of options to choose from the Qualcomm Snapdragon to Mediatek in Quad Core and Octa core processing capacities. All that is required is, be for sure which processor is needed for your usage.


Gionee comes with a tag line Selfie and Battery, and the brand has fulfilled its commitment to offering great camera features in its smartphones. The Sony camera lens used in Gionee phones lets you take amazing pictures of premium quality. Besides this, the f2.0 to f2.2 aperture allows more light to reach the lens that can produce brighter images. A simple formula to remember - Smaller the f-stop value, the more light enters the lens. The selfie camera comes with a higher pixel coupled with a selfie flash that captures your precious moments in a style while preserving them for future.


The next big thing that Gionee has primarily focussed is bettering the battery life. You have the Amigo 4.0UL that is optimized enough to eliminate the junk processes. This OS coupled with significant battery capacity offers you a higher battery life that no other smartphone can provide. All the latest Gionee phones feature a battery above 3,000mAh with which you can keep away your power bank. You also have feature phone range where no other brand can beat Gionee regarding battery life.


From the IPS LCD to AMOLED, Gionee has every display technology in its basket to choose. The latest AMOLED comes with power saver technology by emitting light on its own beside producing sharp and finer images. The most popular IPS LCD is found in 3/4th and AMOLED covering the rest of its smartphone range. By this, the display technology of Gionee is considered to be on par with the competitors.

Gone Mobiles FAQs

How is the camera quality in Gionee phones?

Gionee can be flattered for the selfie camera it uses in its smart phones. Gionee A1 features a 16MP selfie camera coupled with a selfie flash that captures photos in the finest clarity. With the Sony lens used inside the camera, you can take brighter images even in low light conditions with the LED flash it has on the rear side.

What are the Gionee phones that come with the front flash?

Front flash is another great feature Gionee has launched in its smartphones. Gionee A1 and Gionee S6s are the two phones that sport selfie flash.

How is the gaming performance in Gionee smartphones?

With the top in the class RAM, CPU and GPU, using Gionee mobiles, you can play the eye candy high-graphic games like SimCity, Need for Speed - Most Wanted and Chaos Rings without any glitch. For good gaming performance, GPU (Graphics processing unit) is of utmost important and mobiles with at least Adreno 505 GPU and higher are suitable for HD gaming.

What are the latest and popular Gionee mobiles under Rs 10,000?

For the tight budget holders, Gionee offers a plethora of options for the customers to choose. You have popular smartphones like Gionee P7, Gionee F103 Pro, Gionee Pioneer P7, Gionee Elife S5.1, Gionee Pioneer P6.

How is the display and screen resolution in Gionee mobiles?

Depending on the price, Gionee features IPS LCD to AMOLED display on its smartphones. Both display technologies are known to deliver high quality and sharper images with display resolution ranging from HD to Full HD.

How frequently do Gionee phones receive latest Android updates?

Gionee is one of the few smartphone brands that focus on giving latest OS and security updates to its smartphones. The frequent updates fix any software bugs and also install any additional features.

How is Gionee phone comparable with Oppo and Vivo phones?

All the three are the smartphone brands from China. Oppo is hugely popular for its highly popular Selfie Expert F series which was released in 2016. Vivo's moonlight selfie camera technology and great rear camera can capture up to 52MP photos. Beside this, the HI-FI audio chip in its phones delivers an authentic audio experience to the users. These features made Vivo a more camera and music phone. On the other hand, Gionee with its smartphones featuring huge battery capacity and camera features of latest technology is more perceived as camera and battery phone.

What are the Gionee phones with Octa Core processor?

For fast processing of the inputs, in Gionee you have the likes of Gionee A1, Gionee S6s and S6 Pro and Gionee P7 Max. All these phones are offered in various price ranges that let you choose the phone that can fit your budget.

How is the operating system user interface (UI) in Gionee phones?

Gionee uses the latest Android operating system customized for better user experience and named it as Amigo UI. The most recent amigo 4.0 brought new features like the Multi-task window, Smart notifications, Edge bar and battery saver mode.

Do Gionee mobiles support Quick charging feature?

Quick charge is the latest charging feature all the mobile brands are integrating into its smartphones. With the Quick Charge, you can extend the battery life of your smartphone by additional 6hr by charging for 15mins. As of today, Gionee Marathon M5 Plus support the Quick charge. The upcoming Gionee Mobiles are reported to come with Quick Charge feature.

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Gionee Mobile Price List 2018

Latest Gionee Mobile Models Price
Gionee P7 Max Rs. 7186
Gionee A1 Plus Rs. 13199
Gionee A1 Rs. 10849
Gionee S6 Pro 64GB Rs. 10799
Gionee F103 Pro Rs. 6999
Gionee M7 Power Rs. 12499
Gionee A1 Lite Rs. 9550
Gionee S10 Lite Rs. 12950
Gionee X1 Rs. 7299
Gionee P5W Rs. 4240