Apple iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5S Price in India as of August 24, 2017, 11:05 am
Apple iPhone 5S
Apple iPhone 5S
Apple iPhone 5S
Apple iPhone 5S
Apple iPhone 5S
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Apple iPhone 5S Price in India

Rs. 16,250
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Rs. 16,250 + Rs. 0 (FREE Shipping)
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Rs. 16,779
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Rs. 16,779 + Rs. 0 (FREE Shipping)
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Return Policy: 10 Days
Delivery: 2-4 Days
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Rs. 16,999
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Rs. 16,999 + Rs. 0 (FREE Shipping)
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Return Policy: 10 Days
Delivery: 3-5 Days
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Rs. 17,249
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Product Variants

16 GB
32 GB64 GB

Key Specifications

A7 processor
16GB internal storage
1560 mAh battery
8 M.Pixels rear & 1.2 M.Pixels selfie cameras
4.0 inch screen
Single Sim (Nano-SIM) SIM
iOS 7 OS

Pros & Cons

Good things
  • Brilliant LCD reproduces accurate colours
  • Blazing fast performance with Apple A7 chipset
  • Build quality is top-notch
  • Image quality from primary camera is outstanding
Bad things
  • 1GB of RAM bottlenecks the performance
  • Camera resolution could have been better
  • 16GB of internal memory is not sufficient

Questions and Answers

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Does it have FM radio?
Answer: No, it doesn't have FM radio.
By Sharfuddin on 16th Aug, 2017
Answer: Yes
By Sudabha** on 16th Aug, 2017
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Does it support facetime?
Answer: It depends on the Model type, there are options with iphones. You can buy iphones with Facetime or without Facetime. Most probably without Facetime Iphones are available in Middle East Countries.
By Krit** on 29th Jun, 2017
Answer: Absolutely.
By Skifl** on 20th Jul, 2017
Answer: Yes.
By Manish.p** on 04th Jul, 2017
Answer: Yes.
By Kailashm** on 26th Jun, 2017
Answer: Yes.
By Guru** on 23rd Jun, 2017
More Answers (4)
How is the picture quality of this phone?
Answer: Dude, it's an I phone. Has to have a video calling. You just need the app. Apart from that facetime is anyway there if your friend also has an I phone
By Adyaar** on 05th Jul, 2017
Answer: It's good not super excellent but it's good.
By Manish.p** on 04th Jul, 2017
Answer: Iphone 6.
By Skifl** on 20th Jul, 2017
Answer: Good.
By Bunnymu** on 25th Jul, 2017
Answer: Best.
By DKC** on 12th Jul, 2017
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Which mobile is best to buy iPhone 6 or 5S?
Answer: The speed of 5S-1 Gb RAM will be better than the iphone 6-1GB RAM, since iphone 6 has a bigger screen to run than iphone -5s.
By Chans** on 13th Aug, 2017
Answer: Iphone 6 for sure. It has a bigger screen, will support new ios features, newer model than 5s and will be fast to use.
By Malli** on 09th Jul, 2017
Answer: Iphone 6 is best.
By Skifl** on 20th Jul, 2017
Answer: 5s is best.
By Mdsaq** on 23rd Jul, 2017
Answer: I phone 6.
By Naiti** on 30th Jul, 2017
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Can we change the internal memory after using the mobile for few years?
Answer: The memory is attached to the mainboard. That means you'll have to get the entire mainboard changed would could cost about two-thirds of the phone price. Unless you really have to, I would suggest against it.
By Samir Makwana on 22nd May, 2017
Answer: No way. You can fiddle with an iphone unless you have a professional.
By Malli** on 09th Jul, 2017
Answer: No, you cannot.
By Mac** on 01st Jun, 2017
Answer: No.
By Bunnymu** on 25th Jul, 2017
Answer: No.
By** on 15th Jun, 2017
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Apple iPhone 5S Price in India starts from Rs. 16,779

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User Rating
One great iOS device!
By gauravh55 • June 10, 2014

First time using the Apple iPhone & I am fortunate that I am able to grab the 5S 32GB. Even though 32GB is way expensive than 16GB which is also expensive, I decided to grab the 32GB edition since none of the iOS devices have microSD card memory expansion option. If you can spend for iPhone then I strongly recommend the 32GB edition since most of the iOS apps and games are quite large in size once installed and they consume lot of precious internal storage.

I really love the 4" IPS retina display on iPhone 5S and even though its not FHD, like we have now on many android phones, but the quality is exceptional. The processor is just dual core but hey, its 64bit A7 from apple and one needs to believe how smooth the phone is in real world. Not a single frame drop ever.


1. Superb Display Quality, even in full sunlight the display legibility is quite good.
2. Feels super premium in hand. Looks amazing. Especially the Gold version.
3. Brilliant 8MP AF camera in daylight and good Front camera for selfies.
4. 1080P video recording with 30FPS & slow-motion 720p at 120FPS
5. The loudspeaker quality and its output volume has improved many folds over previous generations of iPhone. I don't miss my calls anymore.

5. Crystal clear call quality.
6. Amazing audio performance via HeadPhones.
7. Fingerprint scanner which works perfectly every time.
8. Slightly larger 1560mAh battery than previous generations of iPhone.
9. Excellent battery performance on WiFi and when device is in sleep.
10. Always super smooth experience.
11. Fast charging. Less than 1 hours & 30 mins battery gets fully charged from low battery (approx 15%).


1. Display is still small compared to android flagship devices. 4" screen is quite small for web browsing. Hope next iPhone will have bigger display.

2. On 3G only data use case, 5S doesn't give good battery backup. Always better to carry the charger or external battery charger. I get just 8 to 9 hours max.

3. In low light the 8MP camera is not decent. The nokia purview cameras with OIS simply outperforms the 5S camera.

4. No OIS which is available in most of the Nokia Lumia smartphones with Pureview cameras, also available in LG G2, HTC One, etc.

5. Even though the 5S is built from aluminium alloy, unfortunately its quite delicate and just one drop on hard floor will give bad dents to the corners of device. I am using it with case.

6. Even though the display has Gorilla Glass 3, it still can get scratched. Hope apple use some mew display glass in next iPhone which will be scratch proof.


No doubt the iPhone 5S has great user experience. The consistent smooth performance and great content in the form of apps, games, music, video on App Store makes this device still a great aspirational buy for many.

Simply awesome iPhone 5s
By MySmartPrice User • August 25, 2014

If you are thinking to own an iOS device then there is not a better time than now. As we all know that within few months apple will launch its new phone. The price may drop a bit more after the release but at the same time after the launch this model would not remain its best and latest model. So it’s a great time to own a great and latest apple device for few months at a low price. iPhone 5s is a great device and the best in the market at the time.
General Overall review
1) Design: The black colour of iPhone gives an amazing feel. The girls who see my phone simply can resist to compliment and atleast says wow. Its sleek beautiful designed and makes your eyes pop out. Those who love black colour you don’t have a better black colour phone in the market.

2) Handy: As the screen size didn’t increase and it is still the same 4 inches which helps you easily hold in a single hand. The weight is also very less just around 110 grams which increases the handiness. In short light and compact to carry.

3) Screen size and Resolution: The screen size is 4 inches which is small as compared to majority of the smartphones available in the market and around the same range. If you watch movies or play games and like big screen phone then you would be sad but don’t worry this small screen has got a great resolution. It has 1136 x 640 pixel resolution which is almost 330ppi. This resolution is great.

4) Camera: it has a great 8MP camera but with better feature than the last model. The dual flash also helps in making the picture look better. Clicks good images even in bit lowlight. The recording is great as it records at 1080 hd. The 1.2 MP camera also gives a nice quality and selfies comes out to be great.

5) Processor: It has A7 dual-core 1.3GHz processor with 1GB of RAM. It has also got an extra M7 processor especially dedicated for motion like gaming. These two papers make it run smoothly in almost my 9 month of usage it hanged only once or twice. Overall great running

6) Battery: The battery performance has improved a bit but that is not sufficient. The battery still charges fast. If you do multitasking like play games or watch movies and wifi is being used it discharge in around 5 hours, otherwise it works decently.

7) Durability: The phone is very durable. It has Gorilla 3 glass which makes the scratch on screen comes hard. Moreover the glass is strong as well as I have dropped many times but by gods grace nothing happened, once I forgot that I have my phone in my pocket but still nothing happened. Only there were a couple of water mark inside the screen which went away in a bit of sunshine.

8) iOS: the iOS 7 is great in some time the new iOS will be available. One can update to the newer version of the iOS for free. So no problem with the operating system

9) Memory: I thanks my dad that he got me a 32gb iphone and not 16gb as it does not have an option of unexpandable memory. As majority of the apps are big and the pics click being good in quality and bigger in size so ur memory esaily gets eaten. One frequently needs to clean up les wanted stuff. If you game or carry alot of videos or music go for 32gb.

10) Security: The new touch id feature is great. I simply love it. No words to define it. It’s simply unique.

Great Core and die to for design.
Great clarity in display because of the resolution it offers.
Very handy and comfortable.
Processor and its working is great
Fast charging get fully charged within 2 hours from nil.
Good camera quality
Great feature of Touch id
Twin processors A7 and M7 makes big gaming apps and multitasking smooth.
Good, user friendly operating sytem.


Small screen size as compared to all other mobile of this segment
Bad battery back up
Less megapixels than majority of the phones of this segment.
Unexpandable memory feature.
I really love the phone because of its handiness awesome feel and the technology it has in it. All the pros empowers its cons and I would recommend you to buy it.

awsome phone
By ritesh • August 12, 2014

this phone is simply awsome. i loved this phone. Awsome camera quality. sound is great. look is awsome. touch can not compare with any other device.

Best smart phone ever
By MySmartPrice User • August 6, 2014

The iPhone 5s design is unique and is the sexiest phone ever. The UI is awesome of the software and the camera is excellent. hats-off to apple.

Good Quality Product
By MySmartPrice User • November 3, 2014

I am using apple product. Thats so nice and never hanged. Apple iPhone 5S is very nice than others products.

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