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Laptops Under 25000: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the latest laptops with the highest configuration?

Since this question is for laptops priced under Rs.25,000, one of the easiest methods to find this out is to use MySmartPrice's listing for laptops under Rs 25,000 and then sort the products from high price to low price. In most cases, the highest priced laptop will also be among the ones with the highest specifications. As of December 2018, several laptop models including the Lenovo Ideapad 330 (81D20090IN), and the HP 15Q-DS0002TU Laptop offer decent specifications for the price. Note that these options are dynamic and will keep changing as time progresses.

2. Where can you find the best laptop offers online?

While it might be tempting for you to check all the popular e-commerce platforms in India to get the best deals on laptops, one of the easiest ways to find the lowest prices and check for offers is to visit the laptops section on MySmartPrice. Once you are on that page, you can access our curated lists for laptops currently listed for sale across multiple e-commerce platforms. Apart from helping you fine tune your search, our lists will also help you get to the laptop of choice faster.

3. What are the laptops with the lowest prices?

Laptops have become increasingly affordable over the years and currently, the lowest priced laptop that is listed for sale online happens to be a model that costs just over Rs 9000. While these machines certainly look like a tempting buy, it is always advisable to get a laptop that has been priced above Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 as these models will almost certainly feature better hardware and will also be made by reputable brands with solid warranty policies in place.

4. Is it ok to choose a Chrome, Linux or Dos OS over Windows?

While ChromeOS, Linux or Dos OS might make sense for a tiny fraction of power users, it will almost certainly not be advisable for people who are dependent on Windows. If you are used to working on Windows and use Windows only software for your work, buying a new laptop without Windows preinstalled might lead to several issues as software compatibility is a major cause of concern for alternative operating systems. In the end, you will have to end up shelling more money to get a licensed copy of Windows.

5. Which is the best laptop under Rs. 25000 with great battery life?

There are two issues when looking for laptops with great battery life. The primary reason is that currently there is no standardized way of evaluating battery life for laptops. One of the ways you can roughly estimate the battery life of a laptop is to look at the spec-sheet and look for it's capacity in WHr ( Watt Hours). The higher this number, the better the battery capacity of your laptop in most cases. The second issue is that some manufacturers do not mention the battery capacity in WHr and only mention the estimated battery life of their product under ideal conditions in hours. This makes it very difficult for a normal users to choose a laptop with the best battery life. In the end, opting for a laptop with a high capacity battery remains your best bet.

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Laptops Under 25000

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HP 240 G6 Laptop Rs. 24599
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Lenovo Ideapad 130 (81H70059IN) Laptop Rs. 21990
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